Trip Log – Day 9

Benjamin Hall Miscellaneous, scotland

We’re all settled in to our airport hotel for the evening after a long day with lots of travel and lots of fun.

We also started the day with some good news.  Bro. Males informed us that he and his wife met a young lady who (to make a very long story short) wants to start meeting for discipleship.  On top of that, we received a note from one of the main ladies at the very first hotel in response to the note we left her.  She looked us up online and used our church website to write us a friendly note. We’re praying she uses the card we left for her and watches the video.

After a quick breakfast at McDonald’s, we left Fort William and hit the road. We crossed into the western highlands of Scotland and then the real show began. For the next five hours there were breathtaking views of rugged mountains and beautiful lakes all around us. We drove through Gencoe (glen=valley) and then on to Glen Etive where we drove down a single lane and explored the Glen Coe and all the way to Loch Etive, a lake that leads all the way to the North Atlantic. 

After all that we were quite hungry. We stopped in the town of Callander and had an absolutely wonderful meal at the Old Bank Restaurant. The steak pies were amazing!  And the employees even treated us to some incredible desserts too. It definitely hit the spot.

We made it all the way to Sterling where we picked up our luggage, dropped off Hannah and Mrs. Males, and then hit the road for Glasgow and our airport hotel.  Our flight leaves tomorrow at 9, so next up is rest and then our flight home. We’ve travelled over 160 miles today alone so home definitely sounds nice.

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