Day 7 – Trip Log

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I know I sound like a broken record, but, wow, what a full day!

We started off early this morning, packing up and leaving our home away from home – the much beloved Metro Inn (see previous post :-)).  We hit the road just after eight, drove to Sterling to pick up the Males, dropped off our big luggage in their flat (we’re “backpacking for the next two days), and began our road trip to the north country.

We chose the Aberdeen road along the east coast along the North Sea and for about 5 hours drove through the Scottish countryside filled with beautiful rolling hills and plenty of sheep and cows. 

After a quick lunch at Morrison’s (it’s a grocery store a like all the other grocery stores in Scotland, it has a restaurant/cafe inside), we arrive in Lossiemouth around 4. Bro. Don Clough took us on a walk around this beautiful, quaint seaside town. We stopped in at their new church building to view the progress of the rennovations and then walked down to the beach where the girls enjoyed running barefoot in the sand. 

After returning to the Clough’s home, we set off to do some letterboxing in the neighboring villages of Duffas and Hopeman. We raced against the setting sun to get as much done as we could and wound up putting out about 400-500 tracts before it got too late.  All along the way, there were beautiful views of the sun setting across the North Sea. On the way back, we stopped by the Findhorn Bay to watch the sun go down.  The sky was incredibly beautiful and I won’t even attempt to describe; hopefully the pictures will help give you an idea (although I don’t even think they come close).

After dark we returned to the Clough’s home where we enjoyed a good helping of teenage manna (pizza).  On the van ride to the hotel, you could tell everyone was a bit tired which meant they were a bit hyper and enjoyed plenty of good laughs (even the adults). We’re staying in the neighboring town of Elgin and the kids were quite excited to experience their new accommodations for the night…a REAL hotel room with comfortable beds and their very own bathroom.  I think we’re on to something here…get them used to meager living and then they’ll really appreciate the upgrade!

Personally, I’m just looking forward to a good night’s sleep…

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