Day Nine

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Today we climbed the pyramids! No not the Egyptian pyramids, but ones very close in size, right here in Mexico.

We started off in our luxurious hotel with a free breakfast buffet. Fruit, bread, custom-made omelets, waffles, and more were available. Much different from the village breakfasts we’ve been used to. Then we caught the subway to the bus terminal for an hour bus ride out into the country side. The sights were incredible! It was a massive area filled with hundreds of hand-made pyramids that date back to the 1300’s before the Spanish came to colonize the area. We got a tour guide that had us in stitches throughout, but was very knowledgeable of the different features of this fascinating complex of pyramids. It served as a calendar and navigation aid as well as a center It also helped us to see the spiritual worship of the Indian population here in Mexico. This is what Bro. Milton Martin would have faced with the native population down in Chiapas many years ago. He showed us the incredible acoustical and architectural design of many of the pyramids even a place where we could clap and have a bird call return in echo due to the angle of the steps. At the end of the tour we got to climb the 300 or so steps (even more if you count the smaller ones we climbed) to the top of the pyramid of the sun. Our guide taught us how to do the steps sideways to make the climb easier. It was an incredible view and well worth the exercise even with the altitude over 7,000ft. (That’s over 2,000ft. higher than Denver)

We traveled back on the bus and subway and enjoyed a nice meal at restaurant ironically owned and operated by Walmart…kinda like an upscale Denny’s. On our walk back from the restaurant we stopped by the flower market. It is an absolutely huge place where hundreds of vendors are selling flowers to flower shops all over the city. By 8:30, we were back at the hotel for an early night. All those steps kinda wore us out…or at least the adults anyway. 🙂

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